Fabulous Foragers22-09-2020 | 06:29:59 | Comments Off on Fabulous Foragers

Year 3 became hunter-gatherers yesterday as part of their learning about the experiences of Stone Age man. They scoured the school grounds for edible finds and then discussed which things they thought were safe to eat; how could you tell which foods were safe and they also thought about how difficult life could have been for Stone Age man. We also tried some of our school-grown apples!

Putting our place-value thinking caps on in Y321-09-2020 | 07:10:51 | Comments Off on Putting our place-value thinking caps on in Y3

We have been working so hard on our knowledge of place-value over the last few weeks in Year 3. Last week, we were set a tricky challenge – how many different ways can the number 340 be made using only hundred and tens counters?

This started off straight forward but then our teachers told us that for level 2 of the challenge, we were only allowed to use 2 hundred counters rather than 3. This then went down to only 1 hundred counter (and lots of tens!)

Our teachers were so impressed with our understanding of exchanging counters of equal value!

Forest School Fun19-09-2020 | 14:12:07 | Comments Off on Forest School Fun

On Monday, Year 3 helped with some essential groundwork in our school grounds. They dug holes for some new trees and then helped to move our delivery of topsoil. It was hot and heavy work but they persevered and did a super job.

Toilet Tissue Timelines & Manipulated Maths #WerringtonSTEM12-09-2020 | 07:31:39 | Comments Off on Toilet Tissue Timelines & Manipulated Maths #WerringtonSTEM

A wonderful first full week back in school, with a wonderfully balanced basket of learning! We had our first proper look at the true scale of the Stone Age through the medium of toilet paper…

From our Smiling Jack, the Stone Age begins (roughly; we’re working in a rather inexact format here).

At the other end, next to the pallets, is us in the present day. The first 3 sheets are written history, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.

The other 217 sheets are when we were wearing furs, scratching a living from the Earth, largely by grunting and hitting things with rocks.

We also got stuck straight back into our mathematical thinking, working to truly master our understanding of the value of digits in numbers. Base ten equipment is really helping us with this, getting to grips with those tens in preparation for visualising 3-digit numbers…

What is a balanced diet?11-09-2020 | 14:34:05 | Comments Off on What is a balanced diet?

This week in Science, we have been continuing our learning about nutrition by thinking about what makes a balanced diet. We decided that a balanced diet is when we eat a mixture of different foods to power our bodies.

We then enjoyed creating our own balanced meal!

Super Scavengers08-09-2020 | 15:27:17 | Comments Off on Super Scavengers

Year 3 enjoyed exploring yesterday as they completed a scavenger hunt as part of their first Forest School session of the term. They made some interesting discoveries and even found a froggy friend!

What a great start!04-09-2020 | 16:39:21 | Comments Off on What a great start!

Well, what a great start to the year after such a strange 2020 so far!

Coming back to school, into a new Key Stage, has to have been daunting at the best of times, let alone after so much time out of our usual setting. And yet, after only three days, everyone has settled SO well back into our new classes!

We just want to say how proud we are of everyone for making such a mature, sensible beginning to their Key Stage 2. And we have so much knowledge between us already!

We have a lot of work to do, but with this sort of attitude we’re sure that we’ll make such great progress as we go from strength to strength. I hope you’re as overjoyed as we are; treats should definitely be in evidence this weekend!

Three things that will really help us all to be the best that we can be: read, read, and read. Of course, we all know that we HAVE to read three times a week, but we SHOULD read every day; it’s by far the most important skill for us to develop this year, so the more we do, the more we’ll be able to learn independently – which is so important as we progress in our learning journey.

Let’s keep up this wonderful attitude, and from here we can be the very best that we can be!

Don’t forget, important information, such as homework, spellings, useful websites and key dates will be on our new Padlet site, so do check it out:


Have a great weekend,

Mrs Little & Mr L-S

How real were ‘The Flintstones?’02-09-2020 | 17:02:30 | Comments Off on How real were ‘The Flintstones?’

What a great first day in Year 3! Everyone has settled in so brilliantly!

Our History topic for this term is based on the Stone Age. We introduced the topic this afternoon by watching a range of short cartoon clips of shows that are based in the Stone Age period. Although we don’t yet know a lot about the Stone Age, we made assumptions about what this time period was like but we questioned a lot of things. Did men really wear ties like Fred? Did they travel by car like Barney? Did women really wear red lipstick? And did people in the Stone Age really keep dinosaurs as pets??

Watch this space over the next few weeks to see if our learning helps us to establish what is real and what is fake from cartoon shows.

An exciting morning in Y3!18-03-2020 | 16:07:57 | Comments Off on An exciting morning in Y3!

On Wednesday, we were so lucky to be joined by the author Kathy Tallentire, the author of ‘Nana Duck’. Kathy asked Year 3 if we would like to be the very first children in the world to read her newest story and of course we agreed!!

On World Book Day, we had fun guessing the title of the book and creating our own front covers and blurbs for the story.

Kathy then joined us this week and we listened to her re-read the story to us and reveal the actual title. It was great to see that she loved some of the titles that we came up with – it even got her thinking about changing her chosen title as some of our were so exciting!

A great morning was had by all of Y3!

What’s under our feet? #WerringtonSTEM18-03-2020 | 16:01:09 | Comments Off on What’s under our feet? #WerringtonSTEM

This week in Science, we have been learning about the layers of rock and soil under our feet. We started our lesson by boarding the ‘Underground Explorer’ and ‘travelling’ through the layers of soil and rock until we reached the inner core of Earth.

After that, we looked closely at each of the different layers of soil and their properties. To reinforce our learning, we then had lots of fun replicating the layers using chocolate, biscuits and honey.

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