Christmas Forest School15-12-2020 | 18:08:49 | Comments Off on Christmas Forest School

Yesterday, Year 3 finished their Forest School sessions with some festive fun. After collecting firewood, they went on the hunt for reindeer that were hidden in our school grounds to earn a golden coin treat. We then finished our session toasting marshmallows around the fire and listening to the story of, ‘The Night Before Christmas.’

Bigger, better, stronger, fitter.24-11-2020 | 14:41:06 | Comments Off on Bigger, better, stronger, fitter.

We took the challenge further this week, building FULL SIZE shelters with animal pelts! (Well… tarpaulin).

While this was going on, other members of the class tried their hands at some Stone Age game invention:

Overall, a very successful afternoon session. Though we DO apologise sincerely for the washing…

I don’t have enough ones! How do I subtract 6 from 1? #WerringtonSTEM22-11-2020 | 10:48:06 | Comments Off on I don’t have enough ones! How do I subtract 6 from 1? #WerringtonSTEM

This week, we embarked on learning a tough concept in Maths: if I don’t have enough ones in my minuend, how can I subtract the subtrahend?

The answer is, of course, exchange a ten for ten more ones. This game really helped us with our understanding!

How did Stone Age Man survive the cold?22-11-2020 | 10:44:20 | Comments Off on How did Stone Age Man survive the cold?

It’s all very well hunting and foraging for food, but if you’re freezing to death no amount of mammoth flesh will keep you alive! You need shelter.

This week in Forest Schools, we found out how Stone Age men and women managed to keep warm in the intense cold of the arctic climate in the Britain of the Mesolithic period.

Now that we’ve practised, can you make it for real? It’s looking like a lovely day to build a den…

We are Internet Legends!13-11-2020 | 16:31:04 | Comments Off on We are Internet Legends!

What an exciting assembly we have had today! Google hosted their very own virtual assembly just for Werrington Primary School!

We learnt all about how to stay safe online and we got the opportunity to share our thoughts with the Google team through an online chat.

After the assembly, we made posters to share our internet promises of what we will always do to help stay safe online. We promised to never share our passwords, use secure passwords and to always ask an adult if we are unsure about something!

You can learn more by clicking on the link below:

Olivia S also got a shout out in the assembly as it’s her birthday today!

Animals in cave art13-11-2020 | 16:06:34 | Comments Off on Animals in cave art

This week we have been looking at how animals were represented in cave art. We started by looking at different examples of cave art and we noticed that the cave walls were bumpy and rough – this prompted us to scrunch up our brown paper before creating our artwork as we wanted it to look as authentic as possible.

Next we got to work with our charcoal and pastels to try and replicate some of the images that we had seen. We had a go at creating woolly mammoths, cave bears, woolly rhinos and more. Yet again, our teachers think that we produced some super artwork! Next week, we will be putting all of our learning over the last few weeks together to create a finished piece!

As it was also Remembrance Day on Wednesday, we took the opportunity to finish the day by using the charcoal and pastels to create our own poppy field scenes.

Poppies for Remembrance09-11-2020 | 15:25:53 | Comments Off on Poppies for Remembrance

Today we considered Remembrance in our Forest School session and used natural materials to try and create our own poppies. We tried hard to remember how to tie knots and then wound the wool carefully around the twigs to create the desired effect. We then thought about the significance of the poppy and read the poem In Flanders Field by John McCrae.

Is the moon a source of light?06-11-2020 | 16:32:40 | Comments Off on Is the moon a source of light?

This week in Science we have started to learn about our next topic of light. We started by discussing what we already know about light. Zakri told us that light helps plants to grow and Leo and Edward knew that without the sun, we would live in darkness.

We spent the lesson questioning what is and is not a light source. A few objects like mirrors, the moon diamonds and windows threw us at times but Joshua told everyone that objects like diamonds reflect the light. We had a long discussion about the cartoon below and came to the conclusion that we would not see the cat unless a light was switched on.

Finally, Oliver’s Halloween video concluded our lesson perfectly! Little did he know that he had used glow sticks to turn himself and his sister into a light source.

How did they make paint in the Stone Age?05-11-2020 | 17:27:07 | Comments Off on How did they make paint in the Stone Age?


  1. Gather your pigments…
Hawthorn berries (Shan Zha) in Chinese Medicine
Rose Hips: Benefits, Forms, Uses, and Side Effects
All About Soil | Co+op, welcome to the table
Commodities Premium Hardwood Lump BBQ Charcoal 5kg - Commodities NZ

2. Grind thoroughly

3. Paint!

3CL even had time to sketch some wonderful mammoths at the end of the day as well!

#WerringtonSTEM Do longer legs mean bigger jumps?23-10-2020 | 15:14:41 | Comments Off on #WerringtonSTEM Do longer legs mean bigger jumps?

This afternoon, we thought we’d make the most of the weather to engage in some scientific investigation. We started off with the question:

‘Do people with the longest legs jump the furthest?’

After some deep discussion, we thought this hypothesis would probably be true, so we set about a fair test:

So, what was our conclusion?

Ask your local Year 3 Scientist!

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