How are the 3 types of rock formed?22-01-2021 | 16:06:23 | Comments Off on How are the 3 types of rock formed?

Y3 have had so much fun in Science today! We have been learning all about rocks over the last 2 weeks.  We found out that there are three main types of rocks:  Sedimentary, Metamorphic and Igneous.   To make things a little more interesting and to help with our understanding of how they are formed, we used Chewits sweets!

Firstly, we arranged our Chewits pieces into a collection of sediments. Then we built up the coloured layers to make Sedimentary Rock.

The next stage was to use the heat from our hands and more squeezing pressure to make our Chewits begin to change shape and fuse together to form Metamorphic Rock.

Finally, we heated our Chewits until they became liquid and then allowed them to cool to create Igneous rock!   

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