A very exciting virtual chat in Y3!16-12-2020 | 17:18:01 | Comments Off on A very exciting virtual chat in Y3!

Y3 were very lucky yesterday to be surprised with a Zoom call from a local author, Kathy Tallentire. Earlier this year, Kathy asked Y3 to read her newest story and then to let her know our thoughts.

Kathy’s story was published last week so our teachers jumped at the chance when Kathy asked if she could read it over Zoom.

After, we had the opportunity to ask Kathy lots of questions about the book and she even taught us a new word that we’d never heard before -‘avuncular,’ which means to kind and friendly towards a younger or less experienced person. We spoke about how this word perfectly sums up one of the characters in the story.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Kathy’s book, please follow the link below:


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