Animals in cave art13-11-2020 | 16:06:34 | Comments Off on Animals in cave art

This week we have been looking at how animals were represented in cave art. We started by looking at different examples of cave art and we noticed that the cave walls were bumpy and rough – this prompted us to scrunch up our brown paper before creating our artwork as we wanted it to look as authentic as possible.

Next we got to work with our charcoal and pastels to try and replicate some of the images that we had seen. We had a go at creating woolly mammoths, cave bears, woolly rhinos and more. Yet again, our teachers think that we produced some super artwork! Next week, we will be putting all of our learning over the last few weeks together to create a finished piece!

As it was also Remembrance Day on Wednesday, we took the opportunity to finish the day by using the charcoal and pastels to create our own poppy field scenes.

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