#WerringtonSTEM Do longer legs mean bigger jumps?23-10-2020 | 15:14:41 | Comments Off on #WerringtonSTEM Do longer legs mean bigger jumps?

This afternoon, we thought we’d make the most of the weather to engage in some scientific investigation. We started off with the question:

‘Do people with the longest legs jump the furthest?’

After some deep discussion, we thought this hypothesis would probably be true, so we set about a fair test:

So, what was our conclusion?

Ask your local Year 3 Scientist!

Mastering column addition23-10-2020 | 14:56:44 | Comments Off on Mastering column addition

This week we have been working so hard at mastering column addition!

We started the week by using lots of concrete materials to help us to understand when a calculation requires an exchange. We know that each column has a maximum value of 9, therefore some calculations require an exchange into the tens or hundreds column.

Once we started to become more confident, we were able to help Mrs Little spot and correct her mistakes.

Fire Starters22-10-2020 | 14:57:28 | Comments Off on Fire Starters

Year 3 enjoyed trying to use fire steels to create sparks as a first step in learning about fire on Monday. It was a bit tricky but they persevered and got there in the end. They also learned about fire safety and toasted some marshmallows over a campfire.

How do you wash a Woolly Mammoth?16-10-2020 | 15:30:52 | Comments Off on How do you wash a Woolly Mammoth?

If you have ever wondered how to wash a woolly mammoth, Year 3 have the answer!

We have been working so hard this week to plan and write our own set of instructions. We then finished this unit by reading some real book reviews of our class text. We then had a go at writing our own reviews. This book has definitely been a hit as most children gave it a 5* rating! Here is a few examples of the super work that we have produced:

Stone Age Banksy13-10-2020 | 18:39:46 | Comments Off on Stone Age Banksy

Yesterday afternoon, Year 3 got into character as Stone Age people and tried to create their own works of art. They used natural materials to try to make their own paints and then used charcoal to draw hunters, mammoths, sabre-tooth tigers and handprints. Hopefully the rain won’t wash away their hard work too soon, well done Year 3!

From milk bottles to mammoths!09-10-2020 | 17:45:29 | Comments Off on From milk bottles to mammoths!

We’ve had so much fun this week working on our new class text ‘How to wash a Woolly Mammoth’

We have worked really hard in English looking at the features of an instruction text, then yesterday, we tested ourselves to see how well we could read and follow a set of instructions on ‘How to make a Woolly Mammoth’. Our teachers are so impressed with our creations!

Then today was another fun English lesson – we took on the roles of a woolly mammoth, a woolly mammoth’s owner and a narrator to act out exactly how we would tackle the mammoth task of washing a woolly mammoth!

Yay for Science Day! #WerringtonSTEM02-10-2020 | 15:43:33 | Comments Off on Yay for Science Day! #WerringtonSTEM

Today has been a blast of busy investigation, finding us exploring our school environment for all sorts.

First, we searched for things that are living, that used to be alive, and have never lived:

Things got a little up close and personal with living things in Mrs Little’s room: one of the larger arachnids in the area decided he needed to change micro-habitat. Translation: 3CL was invaded by a large, hairy spider! Another welcome attraction on the visualiser!

After break, we went out again, this time looking at the micro-habitats around school…

A great day of fun, outdoor learning, and scientific knowledge!

Doing the skeleton dance in Y302-10-2020 | 15:19:00 | Comments Off on Doing the skeleton dance in Y3

We had lots of fun last week meeting a visitor who had been living in a cupboard of 3CL for a very long time!

We learnt the names of the bones of the body and had fun labelling our own skeletons. All finished off with a skeleton dance!

Stone Age stick men01-10-2020 | 15:59:52 | Comments Off on Stone Age stick men

We’ve had great fun this afternoon looking at cave paintings again. Today, we were looking at how people are represented in Stone Art art. We noticed that they are mostly portrayed as stick men. Leo suggested that this could be where the first drawing of a stick man cave from. We discussed why people weren’t drawn in great detail and we came to the conclusion that it could be because their brains weren’t as advanced as ours today!

We then spoke about the different activities and actions that Stone Age man would have taken part in – spear throwing, running, sitting around a camp fire etc. The fun part came when we used charcoal to have a go at creating our own stick men. We think that our attempts are fabulous!

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