Toilet Tissue Timelines & Manipulated Maths #WerringtonSTEM12-09-2020 | 07:31:39 | Comments Off on Toilet Tissue Timelines & Manipulated Maths #WerringtonSTEM

A wonderful first full week back in school, with a wonderfully balanced basket of learning! We had our first proper look at the true scale of the Stone Age through the medium of toilet paper…

From our Smiling Jack, the Stone Age begins (roughly; we’re working in a rather inexact format here).

At the other end, next to the pallets, is us in the present day. The first 3 sheets are written history, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.

The other 217 sheets are when we were wearing furs, scratching a living from the Earth, largely by grunting and hitting things with rocks.

We also got stuck straight back into our mathematical thinking, working to truly master our understanding of the value of digits in numbers. Base ten equipment is really helping us with this, getting to grips with those tens in preparation for visualising 3-digit numbers…

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