Who was Michael Faraday? #WerringtonSTEM14-03-2020 | 10:15:52 | Comments Off on Who was Michael Faraday? #WerringtonSTEM

Continuing our Science Week exploration, we attempted to follow in the footsteps of Faraday yesterday afternoon. We made voltaic piles (named after Alessandro Volta), the original design for batteries:

We used copper coins (hence all those two pence coins!) and aluminium foil for the two electrodes of our cells, sandwiching our electrolyte of salt water and vinegar soaked into tissue paper:

Ending up with some very presentable piles indeed!

The sad news? We couldn’t seem to get any juice out of our batteries… which goes to teach us one of the most valuable lessons in science: failures often tell us more than our successes when we investigate, producing more questions than the original experiment.

Why didn’t they work? What could we change? Could we link several together to increase the voltage?

Do you think you could make one that works at home? Or create one from other materials? Here’s a link to another blog with ideas:

Don’t forget to reply or Dojo with your experimental results!

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