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This week, we have spent so much time learning about fossils. In Science, we discovered what a fossil is and how they are formed. We each created a comic strip to show the stages of fossilisation. We’re already looking forward to making relica fossils next week.

In English, we have been learning about biographies and what a good one should contain. This is in preparation for writing our own biographies based on Mary Anning. Mary Anning was an English fossil collector who became famous for all the amazing discoveries that she made in cliffs along the English Channel at Lyme Regis.

We decided today to begin our research of Mary Anning so we spent some time searching for many interesting facts about her. We have also been getting to grips with the J2E software that we have in school. Watch this space to see some of our biographies next week!

In Computing, we are currently learning how to open and respond to an e-mail. We thought we’d use this opportunity to send e-mails to Mrs Little and Mr Linley-Simon, informing them of our most interesting fact about Mary Anning.

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