Should Mrs Little choose pumice for her new kitchen worktop?27-02-2020 | 17:02:38 | Comments Off on Should Mrs Little choose pumice for her new kitchen worktop?

Today, in Science, we really enjoyed our Now Press Play session where we were transported to a faraway planet. We were ordered by the emperor to visit Earth in search of a range of hard, durable and waterproof rocks to enable him to build his new palace. We were transported underwater, we visited the White Cliffs of Dover and eventually found ourselves in a quarry.

Thankfully, we found the right types of rocks that the emperor required!

Back in class, we started to consider different uses of rocks all around us. We then investigated a range of different questions:

  1. Which material would be best for a kitchen worktop? – We quickly discovered that pumice was one of the worst materials for a kitchen worktop!
  2. Which was the most durable rock for building a skate ramp? (We had a lot of fun with sand paper testing the durability of each rock, especially chalk!)
  3. Which rock was the most waterproof for a new roof?
  4. Which rock would be suitable for a new statue, without being damaged by the acid in rain?

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