Free to be me14-02-2020 | 18:49:53 | Comments Off on Free to be me

Over the last few weeks, our Online-Safety lessons have been spent thinking about our online image and identity. We spent a lot of time discussing what the term ‘identity’ means, what makes up our identities and how we each differ.

We decided that it’s ok to represent yourself differently online for fun and we compared our real identities to our online identities.We then had fun creating our own online avatar to represent us. Some of us made footballers, others made unicorns or fluffy aliens. However it’s really important that we remember that sometimes people can use a false online identity to hide who they really are. We discussed the rule of ‘if we don’t know somebody in real life, we don’t know them online.’

We concluded our unit this week by celebrating Safer Internet Day 2020. This year’s theme of ‘Free to me be’ fitted in perfectly with what we have already been learning about! Today we shared different ways to represent ourselves online through our profile pictures, avatars, usernames etc. We then discussed how we need to be careful not to give away personal information when choosing our identities. Mrs Little wanted to make a new username using her date of birth and her house number, but we advised her that using that kind of information wasn’t very sensible as people could find out a lot of her personal and private information. Thankfully, she took our advice on board!

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