In the words of James, Lego is the miracle to set your mind free! #WerringtonSTEM27-02-2020 | 17:03:02 | Comments Off on In the words of James, Lego is the miracle to set your mind free! #WerringtonSTEM

Mrs Little’s Lego Stem club had such a great first session this afternoon. We spent lots of time enjoying playing with the Lego and making our own creations like racing cars, hotels, convertible cars and even a limo for Donald Trump!

Lola and Freya had fun following instructions on how to build a glowing snail. We look forward to programming it next week.

Should Mrs Little choose pumice for her new kitchen worktop?27-02-2020 | 17:02:38 | Comments Off on Should Mrs Little choose pumice for her new kitchen worktop?

Today, in Science, we really enjoyed our Now Press Play session where we were transported to a faraway planet. We were ordered by the emperor to visit Earth in search of a range of hard, durable and waterproof rocks to enable him to build his new palace. We were transported underwater, we visited the White Cliffs of Dover and eventually found ourselves in a quarry.

Thankfully, we found the right types of rocks that the emperor required!

Back in class, we started to consider different uses of rocks all around us. We then investigated a range of different questions:

  1. Which material would be best for a kitchen worktop? – We quickly discovered that pumice was one of the worst materials for a kitchen worktop!
  2. Which was the most durable rock for building a skate ramp? (We had a lot of fun with sand paper testing the durability of each rock, especially chalk!)
  3. Which rock was the most waterproof for a new roof?
  4. Which rock would be suitable for a new statue, without being damaged by the acid in rain?

How many tables do we need? #WerringtonSTEM25-02-2020 | 13:44:58 | Comments Off on How many tables do we need? #WerringtonSTEM

We tackled a tricky challenge today in Maths:

There are 32 children in a class. How many tables will be needed if each table can seat four children?

And how many tables would be needed if each table can seat 8 children?

Here’s how we investigated…

Some really great representations and top-notch explanations of our understanding. So, how about this one as a further poser:

A class of children can sit around tables in eights or fours.

If they sit around tables in fours, they need six tables.

How many would they need if they sit in eights?

Can you post a comment with the answer, and how you worked it out?

Free to be me14-02-2020 | 18:49:53 | Comments Off on Free to be me

Over the last few weeks, our Online-Safety lessons have been spent thinking about our online image and identity. We spent a lot of time discussing what the term ‘identity’ means, what makes up our identities and how we each differ.

We decided that it’s ok to represent yourself differently online for fun and we compared our real identities to our online identities.We then had fun creating our own online avatar to represent us. Some of us made footballers, others made unicorns or fluffy aliens. However it’s really important that we remember that sometimes people can use a false online identity to hide who they really are. We discussed the rule of ‘if we don’t know somebody in real life, we don’t know them online.’

We concluded our unit this week by celebrating Safer Internet Day 2020. This year’s theme of ‘Free to me be’ fitted in perfectly with what we have already been learning about! Today we shared different ways to represent ourselves online through our profile pictures, avatars, usernames etc. We then discussed how we need to be careful not to give away personal information when choosing our identities. Mrs Little wanted to make a new username using her date of birth and her house number, but we advised her that using that kind of information wasn’t very sensible as people could find out a lot of her personal and private information. Thankfully, she took our advice on board!

How much garlic does Ben have?12-02-2020 | 16:41:41 | Comments Off on How much garlic does Ben have?

We set our maths brains to a perplexing problem recently:

Ben is on the allotment with his Mum. They would like to grow some garlic and are deciding how to plant the garlic cloves.

Ben arranges the cloves into three rows and finds that he has one spare clove. How many cloves might he have had to start with?

Ben plants cloves of garlic in two rows and has one clove left over. So he tries again.
He plants cloves in three rows and has one left over. So he tries again.
He plants cloves in four rows and has one left over. So he tries again.
He plants cloves in five rows and has one left over. So he tries again.
He plants cloves in six rows and has one left over.
We know that he has fewer than 100 garlic cloves. How many did he have?
You could think about how many cloves he might have had if there were more than 100.

Using counters, we persevered and finally found the answer. Can you?


Who was Dorothy Hodgkin?11-02-2020 | 12:49:08 | Comments Off on Who was Dorothy Hodgkin?

To celebrate the role of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), today we have been taking some time to learn from the display boards in Hall B about some of the amazing characters everyone has been learning about. Have a look!


On a scale of 1:25000, how much have we enjoyed our Geography lesson this week?!07-02-2020 | 16:02:43 | Comments Off on On a scale of 1:25000, how much have we enjoyed our Geography lesson this week?!

What an exciting afternoon Year 3 had on Wednesday! We were very fortunate to be joined by Mr Green (Alice’s dad). He very kindly offered to join us to help us with our learning about Ordnance Survey maps.

Mr Green shared with us a very informative Cbeebies video clip that he had been part of the making of, we learnt all about what a map is, how maps are made and the scaling of maps. Did you know that up to 20,000 pieces of new information can be added to a map each day?!

We were then set the very specific challenge of trying to locate 3CL’s classroom on a range of maps! 3CL finished our exciting afternoon with an OS symbols quiz, whilst 3LS enjoyed making models to show the contours of a map. Overall we had a great afternoon and everyone learnt something new (including all our adults). Thank you very much to Mr Green, we’d love to invite you back in again soon!

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