Edible Rock30-01-2020 | 16:13:50 | Comments Off on Edible Rock

Not of the Blackpool or Edinburgh variety…

This week we’ve been expanding our understanding of geology by exploring the formation of the three main types of rock in the world: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.

In order to make these more tasty, and embed our learning of course, we recreated these processes using a variety of sweet alternatives to minerals, sediment and immense heat and pressure!

Igneous rock

Sedimentary rock

Metamorphic rock


What’s the difference?24-01-2020 | 16:02:03 | Comments Off on What’s the difference?

In Maths today, we have working on our problem solving skills. Our task was to place the numbers 1 to 10 in the circle pyramid so that each number was the difference between the two numbers just below it.

This task proved to be a lot harder than we initially first thought. There were times where we were so frustratingly close! Thankfully, nobody gave up and we all found the solution in the end! Some of us even managed to spot a pattern between the in between odd and even numbers.

Our next challenge is to work out if there are any arrangements that we can find!

Britney’s stage shadow15-01-2020 | 18:18:51 | Comments Off on Britney’s stage shadow

Our latest investigation in science has been a favour to Britney Spears – she tweeted that she loves to have a big shadow onstage, but wasn’t sure if they lights should be close or far away in order to maximise her ‘stage presence’. We could soon let her know…

(For those of you dying to know: you need the lights close up. And, ideally, the screen far away.)


All I want for Christmas is Yew15-01-2020 | 18:05:17 | Comments Off on All I want for Christmas is Yew

Not to be defeated by the weather, we used our last couple of Forest Schools sessions for the year to make Christmas decorations. I hope they grace your tree this year!

Oh sew special15-01-2020 | 18:02:12 | Comments Off on Oh sew special

As you may know (from your knowledgable little one) a much-missed important invention in prehistory was the sewing needle.

In our art and DT work, we’ve been making our own pouches to contain these most special items. Have a look!

Our Christingle Service15-01-2020 | 17:57:43 | Comments Off on Our Christingle Service

Shortly before the Christmas break, Years 3 and 5 visited our local church with Reverend Steve to celebrate the coming of Advent. The Reverend explained the significance of the period, and after some wonderfully heartfelt prayers from Year 3, all of Year 5 lit their handmade Christingles to honour the occasion. It was a lovely occasion.

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