Hunting/gathering in Y3.18-10-2019 | 15:39:01 | Comments Off on Hunting/gathering in Y3.

We have had a very busy week learning about Stone Age hunters and gatherers. We started by thinking about what a hunter/gather was and what threats /assets they would be faced with in their life. We then wrote diary entries as a Stone Age boy who faced the frightening prospect of going out into the wilderness to hunt a wild animal!

Our week was concluded by heading outside into our school surroundings to forage for food supplies. We found lots of berries, mushrooms, nettles and acorns – all of which would have been eaten during the Stone Age! Unfortunately, we didn’t encounter any wild animals to hunt, but Mrs Bolton very kindly provided us with a range of clean and safe berries, leaves and seeds to try.

What a week in Year 3!04-10-2019 | 15:55:36 | Comments Off on What a week in Year 3!

Wow! We have had a busy week in Year 3!

On Monday, we enjoyed ‘Godly Play’ with Fr Michael. We listened to the story of the man who built his house on the rock and sang lots of songs.

On Wednesday, we were very lucky to have a visit from Mrs Little’s spoilt pup, Rafael (Raffy).He was such a good boy and we all absolutely loved having him join in our Maths lesson with us. He definitely enjoyed helping Mrs Little to check our answers on our whiteboards! A very successful first day of school for Raffy!

Finally, in Science, we had fun labelling the parts of a skeleton and learning about the 3 functions of the human skeleton.

Here’s to another busy week of learning next week!

Forest School Games04-10-2019 | 14:26:35 | Comments Off on Forest School Games

Year 3 enjoyed outdoor games this week. They thought about how Stone Age children would have had to create their own games using natural resources. They played tic, tac, toe using leaves and sticks and man-hunt which required stealth and good camouflage skills. We then finished the session with some puddle jumping!

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