Clean Start29-09-2019 | 18:06:24 | Comments Off on Clean Start

On Friday, Year 3 took part in a litter pick around Werrington as part of BBC Radio Stoke’s Clean Start campaign. Armed with litter pickers, gloves and bin bags the children and volunteers battled the torrential rain to help make a difference in their local area. The children were undeterred by the weather and spirits remained high and they represented themselves and their school impeccably. A special thank you to our parent and grandparent volunteers who were absolutely brilliant and also to our local PSCO Laura who still had to complete her shift after getting soaking wet! A brilliant effort by all, well done!

Maths in Motion… drawing on tables! :¬021-09-2019 | 08:08:17 | Comments Off on Maths in Motion… drawing on tables! :¬0

In order to fully understand what it is that 3-digit numbers represent, we’ve been drawing on tables!

Can you explain what each of the representations means?


Active English21-09-2019 | 08:05:02 | Comments Off on Active English

We’ve been firming up our understanding of word classes by acting out some verbs!

Can you guess what the verb is in each picture?

Responding creatively to music21-09-2019 | 08:03:12 | Comments Off on Responding creatively to music

We’ve had a great time this week responding to a piece of music…

Do you know the piece?

So far, we’ve expressed the stories we have imagined through dance…

(There was a video, but unfortunately it’s upside down!)

Next week, we’ll be visualising what we see when we hear the music through artwork.

Have a listen to the piece. What do you see?

Knots and Exoskeletons20-09-2019 | 14:25:53 | Comments Off on Knots and Exoskeletons

Year 3 enjoyed the Autumn sunshine today by practising their loop in the middle knots and hunting for insects to examine their exoskeletons. A super afternoon’s work!

Forest School Friday!20-09-2019 | 14:25:38 | Comments Off on Forest School Friday!

Year 3 continued learning about the human skeleton today. This time, they considered how to make more accurate skeletons by including joints and even had some thoughts about the muscles too. We also revisited the knots we learned to tie in Year 2 and began learning how to tie a ‘loop in the middle’ knot. A super afternoon in the autumn sunshine.

Forest School Friday09-09-2019 | 14:07:46 | Comments Off on Forest School Friday

Well done to Year 3 on their first Forest School session of the year. Luckily the rain stopped so that we could use our creativity to create stick skeletons. It was tricky at first to make sure that our arms were not coming out of our head but we managed to make some super skeletons and learned more about the bones that make up our bodies.

WARNING: Branching database in playground07-09-2019 | 08:42:30 | Comments Off on WARNING: Branching database in playground

We had a great start to our Computing this year. Who knew you could create a branching database using chalk, children and a playground??

REMEMBER: Every time you play ‘Guess Who?’, you’re thinking of perfect YES/NO questions to create a branching database. How could we split each of these groups of children further?


Sensational Shapes07-09-2019 | 08:38:14 | Comments Off on Sensational Shapes

We ended our week of Interactive Maths with a real team challenge!

Working together, we had to create a series of shapes that got increasingly challenging; the 3 dimensional ones were crazy! Teamwork was essential, as well as excellent vocabulary given that we had to convince our ‘skeptical’ teachers we’d made each shape before moving on!

Can you create a square-based pyramid using only fingers and a loop of string? #WerringtonSTEM

Interactive Maths – Maths by stealth03-09-2019 | 16:35:01 | Comments Off on Interactive Maths – Maths by stealth

What a wonderful start to the year today, with a seemingly simple start to our maths. For such a straightforward game, this proved to hide some deliciously devilish concepts! #WerringtonSTEM

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