Now we’re bees07-06-2019 | 15:05:47 | Comments Off on Now we’re bees

Following on from our dissection of flowers/accidental creation of salad before half term, today we’ve been bees, recreating the scientific process of pollination.

We’ve drunk ‘nectar’:

We’ve scuffled about in pollen:

(Yes Ava, we know they’re really Wotsits)

And we’ve cross-pollinated other flowers:

Scientific investigation through the medium of Panda pop and corn-based snacks…

Mummies!05-06-2019 | 18:11:39 | Comments Off on Mummies!

We got hands-on with History today in year 3, using our teamwork and problem-solving skills whilst finding out just how hard it was to wrap a mummy:

It was tougher than we thought! Then again, we had five minutes, whilst the real process took around forty days, so we hope our pharaohs can excuse us.

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