The blooming of science in spring24-05-2019 | 15:19:23 | Comments Off on The blooming of science in spring

We’ve been chopping up plants today.

In a scientific manner, that is. That’s called dissection, and using careful teamwork and observation, we’ve been able to sort and classify all the parts of the flower today.

And then we really DID chop up the flowers and essentially made salad. But a great deal of science was unearthed in the process!

Plant news – the good and the bad22-05-2019 | 07:13:16 | Comments Off on Plant news – the good and the bad

Bad news: Despite careful, loving attention to their well-being, our class plants are still steadfastly looking more like class pots…

Good news: Science observation continues well, we Tiny Tim (for example) making excellent growth despite his limited size. He’s grown 10mm in a week, which is a third of his original size!

The Egyptian Cinderella16-05-2019 | 07:08:09 | Comments Off on The Egyptian Cinderella

It’s all go again in Year 3, we’ve been brainstorming ideas through drama to gain inspiration, as we innovate on the story we’ve been reading – Egyptian Cinderella.

The summer is growing on us…10-05-2019 | 14:59:38 | Comments Off on The summer is growing on us…

It’s all about plants at the moment…

We now have class plants! Well, the potential for them at least. We have some anemones that we are looking after, and have monitors ensuring they are well cared for:

There is strong evidence that looking after other living things really helps to raise our own well being. And we can always use the extra oxygen!

We are also studying plants in our Science work at the moment:


We have discussed what plants need in order to grow well, and we’ve now devised an experiment to study the effects of removing each of these necessities.

Do be sure to find out all about it from your child!

Mr Linley-Simon & Miss Deaville


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