All about the talking – what a performance25-03-2019 | 10:16:17 | Comments Off on All about the talking – what a performance

We’re all about the talking in year at the moment. At the end of last week, we were being talkshow hosts, interview Starjik (the malign lead character in the Ice Palace), and now we’re moving onto performance poetry!

Terrific Teamwork!22-03-2019 | 16:25:53 | Comments Off on Terrific Teamwork!

Today’s Forest School session focused on helping  to improve our local community. The Year 3 children worked hard to fill the sensory garden at Werrington Library with lots of beautiful plants that would appeal to the senses. They also created labels for their plants to help them remember some of the names. A super afternoon’s work. Well done Year 3 🙂 

Work in the community15-03-2019 | 16:10:30 | Comments Off on Work in the community

Today, Year 3 visited the local library to help prepare the sensory garden for its spring planting. They worked hard to clear the area of weeds and then they also researched new plants to put in, that would appeal to the five senses. A super afternoon’s work, well done Year 3!



Caring for our school grounds11-03-2019 | 15:28:07 | Comments Off on Caring for our school grounds

On Friday, Year continued looking after the school grounds by replacing some of the earth dug out during previous den builds. They learned how to use garden tools safely and to work as a team. We also played a game of ‘spider webs’ where we had to guide our blindfolded friend through a spider web without them getting caught!



World Book Day – any excuse to dress up07-03-2019 | 17:30:25 | Comments Off on World Book Day – any excuse to dress up

What a lovely day of dress up and larks! Have a look at the wonderful range of reading we have displayed across the entire year group!

Looking after our environment01-03-2019 | 15:45:47 | Comments Off on Looking after our environment

Today, Year 3 were thinking about the impact of humans on the environment. They came up with lots of ways that we damage our environment and completed a litter pick of the school grounds and helped with some land management too. We also learned how to tie an overhand and a stopper knot to help us with future Forest School projects. A super afternoon showing that we care about our school!

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