NT GAMES… an anagram of MAGNETS?27-02-2019 | 18:31:39 | Comments Off on NT GAMES… an anagram of MAGNETS?

In Science, we have been having fun creating games using one of the forces that we’ve been investigating – magnetism. Take a look at some of our creations!

Kandinsky and Górecki27-02-2019 | 18:29:02 | Comments Off on Kandinsky and Górecki

In art, we have been putting all of our painterly skills into practice while responding a really powerful, emotive piece of classical music. We listened carefully to the journey, then put paint to paper, mixing colours that we felt matched the feelings it produced within us. So that we could concentrate purely on the colours, the form our art took was in the style of a famous piece by Wassily Kandinsky

If you want to have a look at the original artwork, have a look here:


And if you want to see how well our pictures reflect the feelings and story of the piece, click on the YouTube link at the bottom of the page.


Forest School the power of sticks!15-02-2019 | 15:58:26 | Comments Off on Forest School the power of sticks!

Today, Year 3 made the most of the winter sunshine by getting outside to discover the power of sticks. After collecting sticks with a friend they played tic-tac-toe, pick-up sticks and even made some games of their own. In small groups, we also learned how to create fire and used sticks to toast some marshmallows. It was a lovely way to spend Mr Lindblad’s last afternoon with us. We will miss you a lot! Great work too, Year 3. 

E-Safety06-02-2019 | 15:49:00 | Comments Off on E-Safety

This afternoon we were learning about e- safety .
Among other things we played an e-safety game on Think UKnow,


Snow Games01-02-2019 | 15:44:04 | Comments Off on Snow Games

After the hard work Year 3 put into their TTRockstars competition, we decided to celebrate with some fun in the snow. We began with a wintry walk, taking in the crunch of the snow beneath our boots and looking at the prints we found. Then we played games, had a snowball fight and made snow angels. A fantastic way to end the week!

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