How do you use a compass?25-01-2019 | 15:49:35 | Comments Off on How do you use a compass?

Well done to Year 3, who tried their best to use their knowledge of the compass points to navigate their way around the school grounds. They all worked really hard in the dull, muddy conditions to find 8 indigenous animals that were hidden at the 8 compass points. A super afternoon Year 3! 

Time for four times table.21-01-2019 | 14:57:09 | Comments Off on Time for four times table.

We will be learning about  the  4 times table over the next couple of weeks. Now that we understand what we’re doing from our threes, we’re getting some really meaningful connections and thinking!


Forest School – Which way is north?18-01-2019 | 16:04:03 | Comments Off on Forest School – Which way is north?

Today, Year 3 learned how to use a compass to find their way to the four cardinal points (north, south, east and west) of our school grounds. They did brilliantly and enjoyed the odd snow flurry along the way. We then finished with a game of tree tag! 

Forest School Tree Recycling11-01-2019 | 16:13:24 | Comments Off on Forest School Tree Recycling

Today, Year 3 enjoyed learning about life as a tree surgeon. James and Mike from Great Grounds came into school and taught us all about how to identify disease in trees, tell how old they were and also we got to see what happens to our old Christmas trees! It was a fantastic way to start the New Year. Many thanks to James and Mike for helping us with our learning.


Hands-on multiplication09-01-2019 | 15:54:39 | Comments Off on Hands-on multiplication

We’ve started the new year running with some really hands-on, practical multiplication. Just look at all the varied ways we can represent such a fundamental idea!



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