Year 3 Poetry Festival23-11-2018 | 16:03:33 | Comments Off on Year 3 Poetry Festival

Today. Year 3 held an International Poetry Festival in Hall B to share and perform some of the great writing from this week.  The children were very excited about our 3 celebrity guests!

A dramatic start to the week…13-11-2018 | 14:51:40 | Comments Off on A dramatic start to the week…

Monday say year 3 getting dramatic again in English – this time quizzing one another on the different scenes that they were recreating from our latest book ‘Stone Age Boy’.

We each had a secret picture to recreate from the book, and other groups had to bring to life different frozen cast members to divine the scene they were showing. Here! Look!

Remembrance Day 201812-11-2018 | 17:30:08 | Comments Off on Remembrance Day 2018

Today, Year 3 celebrated Remembrance Day with two minutes of silence.

Year 3 Maths investigation09-11-2018 | 10:48:33 | Comments Off on Year 3 Maths investigation

Today , Year 3   did a cool Maths  investigation  which uses the idea of consecutive numbers and the – and + signs to find various answers.  Some children found things that NO ONE else in the class had discovered  and that’s GREAT!

So this is how it started . They needed to choose any four consecutive numbers and placed them in a row with a bit of a space between them.

4, 5, 6, 7

After choosing their numbers they had to  place + and signs in between them, something like this :

4 + 5 – 6 + 7
4 – 5 + 6 + 7

 Key questions the pupils had to answer

How do you know you’ve found all the possibilities?

Tell me about your answers.

Do you notice anything about your answers?

Can you explain why these things always happen?

Making Morning06-11-2018 | 15:19:46 | 1 Comment

What a fantastic morning had by all! A huge thank you to the parents that came to join us this morning! We all had lots of fun creating Stone Age shelters!


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