Super Science27-09-2018 | 15:54:05 | Comments Off on Super Science

Today ,  the  children identified and group rocks  based on  four different  properties. ( Permeability , density, durability  and hardness.)

Both classes impressed us with their  team-work and thoughtful questions.


Mystery Reader in 3JL26-09-2018 | 15:22:57 | Comments Off on Mystery Reader in 3JL

A big thank you to our mystery reader, Daniel ‘s mum Emma!We loved Robin Hood thank you.

Reading with our Year 5 friends22-09-2018 | 08:47:52 | Comments Off on Reading with our Year 5 friends

Every Friday, we now read with Year 5 children, giving us the opportunity to make friends and share texts with yet more people in school. Our mature reading buddies also come armed with some wonderful questions to ask about our books, ensuring that we get even more out of what we read. Take a look!

Year 3 Stone Age Day19-09-2018 | 15:43:24 | Comments Off on Year 3 Stone Age Day

What an amazing day we have had today.  Our visitor Clud taught us so much about the Stone Age that we are all experts now!  The children’s costumes were fabulous.  Ask your child what their favourite part was.

Reading Buddies14-09-2018 | 12:32:51 | Comments Off on Reading Buddies

3JL and 5KB enjoyed their first buddy reading session this morning. It was lovely to see the children discussing their books and they asked each other some very interesting questions. Sharing a story was a great was to start our day!


Our first Secret Reader…13-09-2018 | 15:14:55 | Comments Off on Our first Secret Reader…

What a surprise for Jaimee today… 

Her mum came in to read to class 3JL, and she had no idea!

Very special thanks to Mrs Younger for sharing Slinky Malinky with us.

If there are any other parents or other special adults out there who would like to come and share a favourite book with our classes, please do let us know.


All the drama…13-09-2018 | 15:11:16 | Comments Off on All the drama…

A wonderful day of drama in English today – we had some amazing freeze frames of key events in our current book: Boom! by Alan McDonald.

Magical Maths 12-09-2018 | 15:53:49 | Comments Off on Magical Maths 

Year 3 has been working hard to use different methods to make number.

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