3GC writer of the week10-05-2018 | 12:07:34 | Comments Off on 3GC writer of the week

A brilliant poem by Violet using a relative clause. Well done.

3HT Writer of the week!10-05-2018 | 09:20:50 | Comments Off on 3HT Writer of the week!

Well done to Kaelem for writing a fantastic football calligram! Keep up the super effort! 

Cress planting09-05-2018 | 11:53:08 | Comments Off on Cress planting

In Science this half term, Year 3 have been studying plants. We’ve planted some cress and are conducting an experiment to find out how it grows in different environments. We have nominated 4 children who have the responsibility to water the plants everyday!

Ask your children about what they have found out!

3HT Writer of the week04-05-2018 | 14:58:38 | Comments Off on 3HT Writer of the week

Well done George!  You wrote an exciting story based on our class text.  It was amazing to read and your handwriting was brilliant!


3GC Writers of the week04-05-2018 | 14:57:16 | Comments Off on 3GC Writers of the week

Fabulous work by Millie and Poppy based on our story, ‘The plot on the Pyramid.’  You both included lots of fantastic vocabulary.  Well done!

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