Clay pot creations!24-11-2017 | 14:55:05 | Comments Off on Clay pot creations!

Y3 made some fantastic clay thumb pots this afternoon!


3GC writers of the week!24-11-2017 | 12:29:36 | Comments Off on 3GC writers of the week!

Well done to Gracie and Isabelle – you produced some great research about Skara Brae!



3HT writer of the week!24-11-2017 | 12:28:25 | Comments Off on 3HT writer of the week!

Well done to Olivia who wrote a fantastic animal Haiku!


Year 3 poetry17-11-2017 | 14:38:34 | Comments Off on Year 3 poetry

This week we looked at tanka and cinquain poetry.  We wrote our own about Autumn and Winter.  Look at our videos to see how fantastic they were! Click on the names! chole Flo frankie

3GC writer of the week!17-11-2017 | 12:56:04 | Comments Off on 3GC writer of the week!

Well done to Sam for writing a fantastic Winter cinquain poem!

Keep up the hard work, Sam!


3HT writer of the week!17-11-2017 | 12:54:42 | Comments Off on 3HT writer of the week!

Well done to Marshall – a great writer of the week!

He created a fantastic Autumn Tanka poem!


3GC writer of the week10-11-2017 | 12:47:44 | Comments Off on 3GC writer of the week

Well done Sam, you wrote a fantastic alternative ending to the story!


3HT writers of the week!10-11-2017 | 12:46:34 | Comments Off on 3HT writers of the week!

Well done to Frankie and Olivia – they have both produced some fantastic work using nouns and pronouns effectively!


Science Light investigating!08-11-2017 | 15:49:27 | Comments Off on Science Light investigating!

Super skills were needed this afternoon in Science! The children were reflecting light to travel around the classroom! Ask them about their other investigations!

Magical Maths!08-11-2017 | 15:47:30 | Comments Off on Magical Maths!

Year 3 worked extremely hard today to solve Maths problems based on addition and subtraction. Well done o Frankie and George! Our mathematicians of the day!!





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