Part 1 of our Road Safety experience!22-05-2017 | 15:59:16 | 1 Comment

Year 3 explored the local area today! Ask your child their new road safety rules!!


Writer of the week 3GC19-05-2017 | 13:54:22 | Comments Off on Writer of the week 3GC

A huge well done to Demi who has really tried hard this week to get perfect presentation in her writing.  So proud of her joined writing.  Keep it up and well done!


Share a pencil day! Y3 and Y6!17-05-2017 | 10:02:13 | Comments Off on Share a pencil day! Y3 and Y6!

Year 3 have worked hard with Year 6 today, learning about the meaning behind ‘share a pencil day’. Ask the children discuss what they have learned!!

Well done Y3 and Y6!


Year 3 shape investigators!15-05-2017 | 10:36:37 | Comments Off on Year 3 shape investigators!

Year 3 have worked very hard during their shape topic and have become investigators today to problem solve! Well done year 3!!

We have looked at, parallel and perpendicular lines, angles and 2D and 3D shapes!


3HT writers of the week!15-05-2017 | 10:32:46 | Comments Off on 3HT writers of the week!

a big well done to Poppy and Oscar who both wrote a great piece of work based on ‘The plot on the pyramid’ – fantastic description! Keep up the hard work!


3GC Writer of the Week05-05-2017 | 08:29:26 | 1 Comment

Brilliant cross-curricular writing about the River Nile by Linkin!  He really thought about his presentation and produced a very thoughtful piece of writing.  Well done!

Year 3 and 5 reading buddies!05-05-2017 | 08:23:52 | Comments Off on Year 3 and 5 reading buddies!

Year 3 and 5 continued with their reading buddies!  Positive reading relationships are being formed and children can’t wait for each Friday’s session!

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