Year 3 visited Werrington Library31-03-2017 | 11:17:54 | 2 Comments

We chose new books from the library! We love reading!

3GC Writer of the Week31-03-2017 | 09:22:52 | Comments Off on 3GC Writer of the Week

Well done Blake for a fantastic play script.  You are very proud of your work and so are we!



3GC more tricky maths…31-03-2017 | 09:06:05 | 2 Comments

Today’s maths lesson was a team task! We had to complete mastery problems that were very tricky!


Powerful passwords!27-03-2017 | 06:57:18 | Comments Off on Powerful passwords!

Remember to always keep your password to yourself and never share it with anyone.  If you would like a reminder on why it is important to make sure your password is powerful and hidden watch the password rap:

Stay safe online at all times!!!

3GC Writer of the Week24-03-2017 | 12:16:18 | Comments Off on 3GC Writer of the Week

Amazing comprehension today Macy!! You answered in great detail and your writing was a very high standard! What a superstar!!!


3GC Writer of the Week16-03-2017 | 12:54:50 | Comments Off on 3GC Writer of the Week

A big well done to Talulah for an excellent story based on Fantastic Mr Fox!

It was great to read and share with year 1.

3GC Writer of the Week13-03-2017 | 07:35:27 | Comments Off on 3GC Writer of the Week

Well done to Demi, an excellent piece of writing about Fantastic Mr Fox!  Keep up the good work!


3HT and 5GW got together for some MAths02-03-2017 | 15:44:51 | Comments Off on 3HT and 5GW got together for some MAths

Year 3 and Year 5 worked extremely hard together to complete some data handling World Book Day maths challenged! Well done.


3HT World Book Day!02-03-2017 | 15:42:32 | 1 Comment

3HT all looked fabulous today celebrating World Book Day



3GC and 5JL02-03-2017 | 12:47:18 | Comments Off on 3GC and 5JL

We paired up with 5JL to complete a World Book Day data handling task.

We worked well together and presented our findings as a graph!

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