3GC Writers of the week!27-05-2016 | 14:22:38 | Comments Off on 3GC Writers of the week!



Well done Riley and Ethan an excellent transcript!

Mystery Reader 3GC20-05-2016 | 14:34:47 | 2 Comments


Thank you to Millie’s mum for surprising everyone and coming in to read The Stick Man.  We all really enjoyed it. Thanks!

3GC Writer of the week!20-05-2016 | 14:01:29 | 1 Comment

Excellent writing Nicole, you worked hard on your report about Egyptian pharaohs!  Brilliant!PTDC0013

3GC Writer of the week!13-05-2016 | 11:07:11 | Comments Off on 3GC Writer of the week!

Well done to Olivia Hicks, your Egyptian story showed a clear and thoughtful story.  Presented beautifully!  Excellent work!PTDC0003

3D.P. Writer of the Week.04-05-2016 | 14:50:25 | Comments Off on 3D.P. Writer of the Week.

Congratulations to Hollie Forsyth- Rae. You are a worthy writer of the week. Your Ancient Egyptian job advertisement was really thought provoking and imaginative.
3D.P. also enjoyed Science in the outdoor learning area. We discovered lots about Forces.

3GC Writer of the week!04-05-2016 | 11:30:48 | 3 Comments



Well done James, excellent writing, your play script was fantastic!

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